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Student: Camille Lacroix
Destination: Salamanca3 Weeks
Age: 22 years old

I arrived very enthusiastic about the idea of learning a language I always wanted to discover in a city like Salamanca: culture, history and beauty are the elements I found in this town. I chose Salamanca for its history of student town, and its elegant cathedral. I haven’t been disappointed: the classes were good and some teachers very competent. My overall experience was good though because the students sharing my class were great and talkative. don Quijote has many assets which make of it a very good school: very friendly and available teachers, good locations, serious classes and the books are given, this is great!

Student: Felipe Petri
Destination: Madrid8 weeks
Age: 23 years old

The teachers are mostly young and fun. That really helped relate to the new culture we were facing since they were speaking Spanish but spoke “our language”. The school offered good service and seemed really like a Babel tower since there were people from Latin America, Europe, Asia, and North America all in my own class. I still want to go back and get to know the rest of Spain. There’s nothing compared to spending time in a country where the language spoken is the one you’re trying to learn. It’s the fastest and most accurate way of learning!

Student: Wilhelmina Kantorowicz
Destination: Salamanca11 weeks
Age: 61 years old

At my age, I was apprehensive about going to school in a foreign country. It was like going to college again and leaving home for the first time. I was also concerned about living with a family. What a surprise it was. It was something I will never forget. I fell in love with my Spanish family and I miss the closeness that they showed me. I also loved my two classes. Yoland, Ana and Agustin were excellent teachers. They had the ability to answer any questions we had about Spanish life with so much information and humor. I learned enough to be able to speak with the confidence that I never had before. I loved Salamanca and I applaud don Quijote.

Student: Svein Kvaløy
Destination: Granada1 week
Age: 49 years old

The teachers at don Quijote are very good. I was placed in level C1 and felt that I was in the right class for my level of knowledge. We were five people from four different nationalities. I like meeting people from other cultures and enjoyed the class. I especially enjoyed the voluntary classes each evening and recommend that all students take part in them; they are of interest and fun. I would recommend don Quijote because they deliver as they promise, and because there are dQ schools in different places both in Spain and Latin America.

Student: Amy Bent
Destination: Granada4 weeks
Age: 31 years old

My experience with the school was excellent right from my first contact. I had never been overseas before so was very nervous. The information I received from the school was first class and did much to put me at ease. All my questions about the schools, courses, accommodation and cities were answered promptly and thoroughly. I found the teachers at the school to be fantastic. They were extremely patient, friendly and very helpful. They clearly believed in and enjoyed what they were teaching. The administration team was also very helpful, patient and friendly and the excursions and extra classes were well organised and conducted by knowledgeable, friendly guides.

Student: Elaine Jones
Destination: Salamanca2 weeks
Age: 40 years old

My experience in Salamanca and with don Quijote was outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone. I am an older student (38 at the time) and it was wonderful for me. Don Quijote makes young and old welcome. Thank you for this wonderful experience and I hope to return one day.

Student: Jadranka Alac
Destination: Valencia3 weeks
Age: 26 years old

It was such a great experience learning Spanish with don Quijote in Valencia and I can really say I had the time of my life. I stayed with other students in a student flat and I was always given all the help I needed. I also participated in cultural classes, and it was Las Fallas week which gave us a great insight into the whole tradition of the festival and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely do another course with don Quijote, but I would like to experience a different town, maybe Granada since I have also heard great comments about it.

Student: Mauro Marcio de Paula Rosa
Destination: Valencia1 week
Age: 38 years old

Quiero agradecer a don Quijote la calidad de los professores que encontré en mis clases. Todos ellos, sin excepción, demostraron tener una excelente formación y pleno dominio de la gramática española. Además, saben trasmitir a sus alumnos buen humor y mucho respeto en las clases. Siempre estaré agradecido a don Quijote y a la casualidad de la vida por haberles conocido.¡Gracias!